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There is a delicate skill to the patient cutting, setting and assemblage of tesserae into a perfect whole. The world -renowned beauty of Andjelka Mosaics is born from the painter’s eye. From pebbles to Venetian glass to natural stone, only a master can render such exquisite work in glass or stone without a paintbrush.

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Our studio takes pride in meeting the needs of our discriminating customers, assisting our clients through the execution of the project in all its stages. Beginning with the preliminary sketch through the choice of materials, our goal is the successful production, delivery and installation of a world-class work of art.

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Andjelka Mosaics Dedication world-class work of art.
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From the center of the ancient Byzantine Empire, the cradle of mosaic art, our historical roots and ancient traditions influence our work. Each piece is made exclusively by hand, from natural materials without the use of machinery or computer aids, ensuring the exclusivity and originality of the final product.

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Our mosaics are one of a kind and impossible to imitate: Unique masterpieces with emotional impact. Our gifted craftsmen are skilled in traditional, contemporary and abstract art and work seamlessly between these genres.

Andjelka Mosaics are a reminder that is the elements that are the most vital to the success of a piece: Line, shape, color, space and texture intricately woven together to delight the senses.

Andjelka Mosaics - Inovation and Inspiration - Unique masterpieces with emotional impact
Andjelka Mosaics - Inovation and Inspiration - Unique masterpieces with emotional impact
Andjelka Mosaics - Inovation and Inspiration
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Andjelka Mosaics Logo Crest


Andjelka Mosaics can be found throughout the world – in private collections in the United States to prestigious art galleries in Italy; in the decorative interiors of mega Yachts, to government facilities in the far reaches of Africa. Award winning master mosaic artist Andjelka Radojevic continues to receive accolades for the beauty of her distinguished work admired by private collectors, interior designers, architects and contemporaries alike.

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